Code of Ethics

For the members of the Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines

The Association aims to continuously upgrade the profession to maintain high standards of nutrition and dietetic practice and to foster “esprit de corp” among allied professions. The organization requires members whose sense of responsibility, sound judgment and integrity of character are beyond reproach and whose loyalty to the organization is unquestionable.

The members of the association, there pledge themselves to:

  • protect the status and highest tenets of the profession, and foster cooperation among allied disciplines and organizations geared toward improving the nutritional condition of the Filipino people.
  • continue enriching their knowledge and practice of the profession, keeping abreast with the most recent advances in nutritional research and technology.
  • rise up to global standards and maintain levels of professional practices fully aligned with global best practices
  • support all activities of the association and contribute toward the fulfillment of its objectives
  • serve the common good without regard to personal benefit of aggrandizement and with genuine selflessness
  • be able to acknowledge errors, omissions, and limitations of knowledge, and have the courage and humility to accept criticism and thereby profit from mistakes.
  • be loyal to the organization that employs them
  • hold in confidence all personal information acquired in the discharge of professional duties.
  • protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation, misinformation and unethical practices concerning food, nutrition and diet therapy.
  • unselfishly make available their expertise in the delivery of nutritional and dietetic services to the community, and undertake only those professional services that they can reasonably deliver with professional competence.
  • be a worthy example of the practice of good personal nutrition.
  • be honest and truthful in word, thought, and deed, observing the Golden Rule in all human dealings.

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