Clara Ruth Darby Lecture Series

To the food and nutrition students of the University of the Philippines in the late forties up to the mid-fifties, Dr. Clara Ruth Darby was an inspiration and a model to emulate so as to be able to comply with the requirements of the American Dietetic Association, be accepted for dietetic internship in U.S. hospitals, earn a master’s degree or even a PhD. The dreams of most of these first graduates were realized when they were readily accepted to dietetic internships and graduate programs in the U.S., thank to the recommendations of Dr. Darby. And when they returned to the Philippines, they become mentors of future dietitians, chief dietitians in hospitals, and most important, become instrumental in the professionalization of dietetics in the Philippines.

Cognizant of Dr. Darby’s role in the birth and growth of dietetics as a profession in the Philippines, Virginia Serraon Claudio and Andrea Aquino conceived the idea of honoring Dr. Darby and what better way than a lecture series. Thus former students and friends of Dr. Darby established the Clara Ruth Darby Fund for the lecture series. Virgie Claudio spearheaded the fund drive in the U.S. even contributing proceed from the sale of one of her books to the fund. And in 1991, the first Clara Ruth Darby Lecture was delivered by Elena Ocampo. In 1997, after the death of Dr. Darby, the series was renamed Clara Ruth Darby Memorial Lecture Series. 

The Lecture Series is the NDAP Foundation’s way of honoring the memory of Dr. Darby and at the same time recognizing professionals who have lived up to the ideals of excellence and dedication that Dr. Darby stood for.                             


Clara Ruth Darby Lecturers, 1991 – 2009

1991   Elena D. Ocampo, MSFN
1992   Corazon VC. Barba, PhD
1992   Virginia S.Claudio, PhD 
1993   Demetria C. Bongga, PhD
1993   Linda Lagman -Hoops, PhD
1994   Patrocinio Guzman,MS,FIUNS
1995   Sanirose S. Orbeta, MS, FADA
1997   Lourdes M. Labrador, MSN
1999   Velona A. Corpus, MSN
2000   Josefa E. Eusebio, PhD
2001   Celeste C. Tanchoco, MPH
2002   Ma. Regina A. Pedro, PhD
2003   Sofia V. Amarra, PhD
2004   Leonora N. Panlasigui, PhD
2005   Ma. Rowena I. Nazereno, MS
2007   Lorraine F. Villanueva, MBA, PhD
2008   Leonor U. Maro, RND, PhD
2009   Grace P. Perdigon, RND, PhD


CRD Lecture

1991 The Teacher- Child Parent Approach to Health and Nutrition Education at Elementary Level: A Strategy for Education for All   Elena D. Ocampo
1992 Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation   Corazon VC. Barba
1992 Dietary Management for Diabetes Mellitus: From Diet Therapy to Medical Nutrition Therapy   Virginia S. Claudio
1993 Vitamin A Management   Demetria C. Bongga
1993 Women in Management   Linda Lagman-Hoops
1994 Research Utilization for the Philippine 2000: A Challenge to Nutritionist- Dietitians   Ma. Patrocinio E. de Guzman
1995 Nutrition on the Playing Field   Sanirose S. Orbeta
1997 The ND Professionals in the Third Millennium   Lourdes M. Labrador
1999 Dietetics in the Philippines: The First Fifty Years Seen Through Rose- Colored Glasses   Velona A. Corpus
2000 Strategies for Nutrition Improvement   Josefa E. Eusebio
2001 Clinical Guidelines in the Identification, Evaluation and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults: Summary and Implications   Celeste C. Tanchoco
2002 Apppreciating Policy Analysis: The Vitamin A Supplementation Program   Ma. Regina A. Pedro
2003 Updates on Iodine Deficiency Disorders   Sofia V. Amarra
2004 Carbohydrates and Physical Performance   Leonora N. Panlasigui
2005 Anihan Technical School: Uplifting the Socio-Economic Status of Young Women   Ma. Rowena I. Nazareno
2007 Foodservice Business Models & Implications on Cost Structure   Lorraine F. Villanueva, MBA, PhD
2008 2008 Perceived Barriers to the Promotion of Food Service Directors to Higher Administrative Position in Hospital Organizations   Leonor U. Maro, RND, PhD
2009 2009 Navigating the Sea of Dietetics for Fifty Years   Grace P. Perdigon, RND, PhD

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