Philippine Nutritionist-Dietitians to Celebrate Diamond Jubilee 2015

The Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines’ 60th Diamond Year 2015 is well underway. Many exciting events are already in the creative program committee including the release and launching of the most celebrated limited edition memorabilia, the Nutrition and Dietetics in the Philippines: Second Edition which will highlight the association’s achievements from 1985 to 2014. As NDAP prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, the Diamond Jubilee Committee is focused on making this a unique historic occasion and a powerful way to celebrate, to create a legacy and to build a corporate history that conveys vision, innovation, and strength.

The NDAP with its 15 highly active Chapters throughout the Philippines has become stronger through the years in its mission to “RAISE nutrition practices expertly and ethically” and realize its vision of “adequate nutrition for a healthy nation.” RAISE stands for the NDAP pillars of Research, Advancement, Integration, Service and Education.

NDAP President Prof. Dr. Adela Jamorabo-Ruiz anchors her leadership based on solidarity where cultural values are nurtured and diversity respected and in accord with nature as part of a caring community of nutritionist-dietitians. Her administration’s thrusts for 2013-2015 include Respect and recognition of the expertise of nutritionist-dietitians, Unity in diversity with a common vision for the profession, Inspiration to innovate nutrition products and services and Zeal to preserve and protect the niche of nutritionist-dietitians in health and wellness.

Dr. Ruiz sees that nutritionist-dietitians are challenged to be more resilient to build credibility especially in the social space where credentials might be overlooked in favor of celebrity status or hype. The pursuit of goals and objectives as instruments of change for better lifestyles and food habits of clients in this time and age of fast-changing technology and dizzying pace of activities, whether at work, in community involvement or in recreation is daunting. But she also believes that there is no substitute for professionals whose personal integrity and spiritual values are solid and respected, whose competencies are globally competitive, and whose commitment to serve its people is strong and steadfast.

The 2014 Convention on “We Learn, We Share, We Grow through Research” highlighted the first pillar of NDAP which is RESEARCH – whose good results can be applied in Nutrition and Dietetics practice to attain or maintain health and well-being to transform lives by improving the nutritional status of individuals, families, and communities. It explored the latest researches on current topics in foods and foodservice, clinical nutrition, nutrition education and public health nutrition by bringing together 1100 researchers and dietetic practitioners for a two-day program at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel, and was dedicated to increasing knowledge, stimulating research and promoting the prevention and management of nutrition-related disorders.

The 2015 Convention to be held on February 17-19, 2015 at the historic Manila Hotel will highlight the second pillar of NDAP – ADVANCE and will focus on Advancing Nutrition and Dietetics Practice in the global and local arena. Speakers from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will provide updates on various topics with AND President Ms. Sonja Connor as keynote speaker. There will also be post-convention educational, hospital and culinary tours. Dr. Zenaida Velasco chairs the Jubilee Convention and 2015 Celebration.