NDAP Pushes for ND Bill

The NDAP, Nutritionist- Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines (the only accredited professional organization by the Professional Regulation Commission for Nutritionist-Dietitians in the country) together with BAYAN MUNA Party-list Rep. NERI J. COLMENARES filed and introduced a House Bill at the House of Representatives that will be known as “The Nutrition and Dietetics Law of 2014”. The ND Bill is House Bill No. 4742.

Registered Nutritionist Dietitians from different hospitals, city and municipal health office, private practitioners, academicians, business entrepreneurs as well as sports and wellness experts trooped to Congress on July 15, 2014 for the filing and they hope that it could be tackled as soon as Congress resumes its session.

This bill was conceived in recognition of the important role of registered nutritionist-dietitians (RND) in human development and seeks to improve the practice of the profession. This shall institute reforms ensuring the welfare, protection and improvement of the RND profession.

According to Dr. Adela Jamorabo-Ruiz, President of NDAP, “it is very timely that the national and centralized drumbeating for a new and a more comprehensive law with regards to the practice of RND’s will start today. As we all know, July is the Month of Nutrition.”

She stressed that promoting good nutrition is the key to a strong and healthy citizenry which is essential for the development of a productive population. Good nutrition is an investment in human resource. Poor nutrition in early childhood causes high morbidity and mortality in the young population. Malnutrition causes poor performance in school and results in school repeaters or drop-outs. Lack of education, coupled with poor nutrition undermines the quality of manpower resource which is critical for the achievement of the country’s goal of economic development.

Furthermore, Globalization has also brought about lifestyle changes such as consumption of high fat, high calorie foods and reduced physical activity which has resulted in an increased prevalence of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. Improvement in the practice of proper nutrition and dietetics is critical to counter these phenomena.

In support to that, BAYAN MUNA Party-list Rep. NERI J. COLMENARES, mentioned that “escalating prevalence of diet and lifestyle related diseases increases the government’s expenditure for curative health treatment rather than the preventive measure and puts a strain on the country’s allocation and utilization of its budget. He also stressed that the pork barrel system should be abolished and funds should be given straight to health, nutrition and other social services in conjunction to the enactment of this future law”.

The NDAP recognizes the effort of this legislator and will be grateful to those who will support the Nutrition-Dietetics bill to be enacted into law.

To Support this Bill, please write your Congressman and ask his support through co-sponsorship of HB 4742. You may download a template letter we have prepared that you can customize.