Dapper turns 37

Dapper is turning 37 in years this 2014. So we give recognition to those who have made this publication a reality and have kept it going through the years.

Ms. Editha C. Bachoco was the first DAPPER editor with Ms. Rebecca Tan (Rivera) as Managing Editor. Their tandem in DAPPER lasted until February 1979. Ms. Bachoco was then the Manager of the University of the Philippines Foodservice in Diliman, Quezon City.

Next came in Ms. Rina S. Cabuslay who was the only non-ND editor, so DAPPER Adviser in the person of Mrs. Moninia S. Oliveros was appointed by the Board.  Ms. Cabuslay served until February 1981 with Ms. Orlita Ortañez as Business Manager who stayed December 1981. Starting 1982, Ms. Mirla Magbiray (Baello) became DAPPER’s Business Manager and became Managing Editor from 1986 to 2004.

Ms. Sylvia N. Galang of UP-PGH replaced Ms. Cabuslay in March 1981 and served as Editor until December 1985. In her farewell message in the DAPPER, she said “After having served you as DAPPER editor for the past five years, I am passing the difficult job to Ms. Adela Jamorabo of VMMC.  It has been difficult a job not in terms of its technical aspect but because worthwhile articles come in trickles.” She posed a question to NDS if we are too tied up with our day-to-day responsibilities that there is no time to sit down and write about our thoughts, ideals, activities, experiences? Ms. Galang’s leaving the post was due to her impending migration to the USA.

Ms. Adela Jamorabo as Editor starting with the first quarter issue of 1986 actively sought contributions from the Chapters and covered the major events of NDAP as writer-photographer. The DAPPER has become more than just a newsletter! It has increased its pages and scope.  Aside from the activities of the organization at the national and chapter levels, it has included articles with continuing education values and multifarious aspects and capsule updates on the various areas of Nutrition and Dietetics practice. In December 1989 after serving for four years, Ms. Jamorabo had to leave DAPPER due to her transfer to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in a full-time academic career.

In January 1990, Ms. Dinah Remigio having been elected to NDAP as Board Secretary became the DAPPER editor. She continued featuring Chapter news and making the newsletter a valuable source of updates in the different fields of ND practice. Ms. Remigio served as editor until the end of her term as NDAP board member in 1992.

Mrs. Velona A. Corpus took the DAPPER editorship in 1993 and continued until 2003.  For eleven (11) years Mrs. Corpus diligently saw to it that the DAPPER was published to bring news to NDAP members whether in the Philippines or abroad. As an excellent writer, editor and critic, she left a legacy which is difficult to match in terms of dedication and competence in research, writing and publication.

The year 2004 saw Ms. Ma. Fatima Dolly Reario of Helen Keller International as DAPPER editor.  She served until 2009.  Due to job demands and few article contributors, Ms. Reario had at times combined issues and the DAPPER came out issues once a year in 2006 to 2009.

Due to publication delays, and no takers from the NDAP Board to serve as DAPPER editor, Dr. Adela Jamorabo-Ruiz of PUP came in to have the 2010, 2011 and 2012 issues published.  Copies of these issues are found in the NDAP website www.ndap.org.ph.  

In 2013, Dr. Ruiz had to continue serving as DAPPER editor with Ms. Edelwise Caiña-Sicat as Assistant Editor. We also acknowledge Ms. Arlene D. Balbedina for being the DAPPER coordinator since 1986 up to the present.

In 2014 when NDAP has revitalized it website, plans for making DAPPER online has been proposed.  DAPPER will be 37 years old.  Do you want DAPPER to be available only online? Please give us your comments.