Nutritional Guidelines


  1. Eat a variety of foods everyday. 
  2. Breastfeed infants exclusively from birth to 4-6 months, and then, give appropriate foods while continuing breastfeeding. 
  3. Maintain children's normal growth through proper diet and monitor their growth regularly. 
  4. Consume fish, lean meat, poultry or dried beans. 
  5. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and root crops. 
  6. Eat foods cooked in edible/cooking oil daily. 
  7. Consume milk, milk products or other calcium-rich foods such as small fish and dark green leafy vegetables everyday. 
  8. Use iodized salt, but avoid excessive intake of salty foods. 
  9. Eat clean and safe food. 
  10. For a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, exercise regularly, do not smoke, and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.
Revised Edition 2000 FNRI-DOST
Developed by: Clinical Nutrition Section Medical Nutrition Division