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Top 10 Reasons to Cleanse Your Colon Today
10 - The United States now leads the world in intestinal disease and poor digestive conditions!
Intestinal diseases and poor digestive conditions are on the rise! Due to neglecting our internal,
intestinal environment and forsaking our digestive health, America now has the highest rate
of colon and bowel disease world wide!
9 - Colon cancer beats out both Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer as a cause of death!
Most contemporary science, as well as the media and our government tend to focus on prostate
cancer, breast cancer, AIDS and other diseases while they woefully neglect the fact that you are
twice as likely to die from colon cancer! Beyond this, the chance of colon disease related death
is four times more likely than AIDS!
8 - A dirty colon guarantees diverticulosis - 100%!
The medical industry confirms that every American will develop diverticulosis at some point in
their lives, provided that they live long enough. These are small, sac-like herniations inside the
large intestine. They fill with old, toxic fecal matter, and then can rupture and leak toxins into the
body. Imagine that in your intestine and you'll immediately want to clean out the conditions which
cause this!
7 - Nearly everyone is constipated, whether they know it or not!
Constipation is the root cause of nearly every variety of bowel disease. This includes polyps,
tumors and even colon cancer. When your intestines are congested, toxins accumulate in the
blocked up fecal matter. This substance will then adhere to the intestinal walls, and this causes
inflammation, irritation and disease. Beyond that, due to the nature of the intestinal wall, some
of these toxins may be reabsorbed back into your blood! As these reabsorbed toxins circulate
through your body, you become prone to infection everywhere along your circulatory system!
6 - What you eat is doing you in!
The modern American diet is the root cause of this deadly constipation and bowel disease.
The SAD diet is over loaded with fat, sugar, animal food and chemicals. Conversely it is also
lower in nutrition and fiber than ever before! This highly toxic diet sits in the colon and creates
greater strain for the eliminative organs. Give your kidneys, liver and colon a break by cleaning
out this toxic material.
5 - A clean colon means weigh loss and a flatter stomach!
After a single day of cleansing you can have a noticeably flatter stomach. The average person
has 10 - 12 pounds of accumulated fecal matter in there intestines. Once this is gone, your
stomach will be flatter and you will be in better health.
4 - Many other problems are caused by a congested colon.
There are a host of other symptoms associated with a congested colon, including: allergies,
weight gain, hormone imbalance, impotency, anxiety, memory loss, poor appetite, abdominal
discomfort, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, bad breath, edema, irregular heart beat, hemorrhoids,
prostate trouble# and so many more! You could very well have a problem that you do not
associate with your congested colon, and be totally wrong!
3 - Polyps and tumors, millions are living with them.
Statistics indicate that 50% of Americans over 40 have at least some polyps in their colon.
It is well known that colon cancer develops from once benign polyps and tumors.
2 - Colitis, Crohn's Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome could be affecting you now!
These disease, while not considered by most to be as bad as constipation, could actually be
far more dangerous. All of these disorders affect the solute concentration (water balance) of
your body. This happens because you are biologically meant to retain water, not excrete it
in great volume. It is critical that you restore this balance, now!
1 - You can get rid of the waste and toxins in JUST 3 WEEKS!
Yes! Our Starter Intestinal Cleanse program takes only 2 - 3 weeks to complete. Think about
it! This is not some life-long drug regiment. It can be done while working or at home. It does
not disrupt your daily life anymore than increasing liquid intake, taking vitamins or going to
the bathroom! If you start this program today, you can ensure yourself of a cleansed intestine,
free from toxins! The package includes EVERYTHING that you need to cleanse your colon,
restore your internal environment, increase your nutritional level, hydrate your body
and establish a proper electrolyte concentration!
TRY OPTRIMAX PLUM DELITE NOW! You'll never regret it.
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For colon detoxification, we need to main health diet and use the method for body detoxification. check this article to know the importance of detox diet and weight loss. okay so in order to detox the body we need to just get rid of crush dieting. and maintain a health detox diet plan. thanks